Study tours

Study Tours

A study tour is a short intensive course of English for groups of students of any age – upper primary school, high school, university or professional groups from any discipline. Australia is a very popular location for seasonal study tours, particularly with groups from our Asian neighbours. Study tours are typically 2 – 4 weeks in duration and usually comprise intensive English language tuition along with a schedule of excursions.

Study tours are designed toewf meet the needs of the specific group. For example, a group of university students may require an intensive course of academic English, while a group of high school students may request an intensive course of high school subject English including Science and Environmental Studies. Perhaps you would simply like an intensive English course to improve listening, speaking and conversational skills. Regardless of the nature of the study tour group, Australian Centre of English will tailor the  course to meet the needs of the group. A study tour could consist of a full-time 25 hour per week intensive English program, or 20 hours per week of intensive English and afternoon excursions.

Study tours often provide the first opportunity for students to visit Australia or travel elsewhere overseas. Study tours should therefore be fun as well as providing students with an opportunity to learn about and explore this local part of Australia. Excursions can be arranged to free or low-cost destinations. Again, tell us what you want and we will provide you with a number of possible class timetables and a range of excursion options.