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Welcome to Australian Centre of English!

Study English in Sydney and experience life in Australia!

Our courses

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General English

Study General English at ACE! Get a strong foundation in grammar and vocabulary, and daily practice in speaking, reading, writing and listening.

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IELTS Preparation

Our dedicated IELTS teachers at ACE have many years’ experience preparing students for this challenging test, and we have enabled many students to achieve their desired IELTS score. If you need to do IELTS, then come and see us here at ACE!

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College Activities

  • Christmas Party 2024! - Elementary Class Christmas Party! Pure fun and joy!
  • Class excursions - Once a month, classes are conducted outside the classroom. Students are taken to museums, zoos, and other locations in order to teach them about the history, culture and environment of Sydney and Australia more generally. These excursions are always fun!
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Our Team

Dr. Stephen Rainer
Principal Executive Officer (PEO)

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